New Hyde Park - North Shore Elks Lodge #2107

Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.

Statesmen, Military and Business Leader andĀ 

Member of our Lodge

Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. was an outstanding American and the eldest son of President Roosevelt. He was best known for directing troops at Utah Beach during the Normandy landing, for which he received the Medal of Honor. He served as the Asst. Sec. of the Navy, Governor-General of the Philippines, Governor of Puerto Rico, Chairman of American Express, and VP of Doubleday Books, to name a few.

Did you also know that he was an Elk on Long Island? Teddy Jr. was a member of the Glen Cove Lodge which is now part of New Hyde Park-North Shore Lodge #2107. We can be proud to call him one of our own. Thanks to PER, Tommy Staub, for sharing with us of this little know fact.

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